Sense of empathy, kindness floats over 'Sesame Street' set

NEW YORK (AP) A sense of empathy and kindness seems to float over the main set at "Sesame Street."

A visit to the busy lot by The Associated Press earlier this year in the borough of Queens found monsters and humans creating a special alchemy. There was exacting precision as well as childlike glee.

The main brownstone house and welcoming stoop with the No. 123 address sits in one corner, with a subway entrance and newsstand facing it. Mr. Hooper's well-stocked grocery store and a laundromat sit between them. Around the corner is Big Bird's massive nest.

A sly playfulness is on show at the newsstand, where stacks of tabloid newspapers scream "Dial 'G' for Grouch."

Executive producer Benjamin Lehmann says "the show never talks down" and the entertainment is "good enough to reach adults" too.