Semi driver in the hospital after crash in central North Dakota, wife warns drivers to be careful on slick roads

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) - Kelvin Efterfield is not only a husband, but a father to three young daughters.

"One is 8, the other one is 6, and the other one is almost 5,” said Ashley Efterfield, Kelvin’s wife. “He's a good dad, and he is fun, and he makes us laugh a lot, and he works hard for his family."

Kelvin and his family live in Fargo, and he makes his living driving semi. He was in the central part of the state Thursday. There was fresh snow on the ground.

"He's been driving for 10 years,” Ashley said. “He likes it because he grew up around it because his dad did it."

The unthinkable happened along Highway 200. He lost control and ended up in the ditch.

"He's in a lot of pain and he's numb on one side," Ashley said.

Ashley and Kelvin have been married for nearly a decade. She says even though Kelvin is an experienced driver and familiar with the region, anything can happen on the road with unpredictable weather.

"It just happens,” Ashley said. “It can happen to anybody, even if you have been driving for 20 years or if you are just starting out, it can happen."

Ashley says people need to slow down and be more careful as the roads across North Dakota are being coated with ice and snow, and it's only supposed to get worse.

"Drive carefully because it can happen to anybody, and it can happen at any time," Ashley said.

If you are getting behind the wheel, she warns drivers that these road conditions are dangerous and unforgiving.

If you have to drive, make sure you let people know when you're leaving and check for the latest road conditions.