Second round of mass testing to be done at Mayville nursing home

MAYVILLE, N.D. (Valley News Live)-- Testing is far from over at a Mayville assisted living facility.

They went from zero to 20 positive COVID-19 cases in less than 24 hours.

"Numbers started climbing, and they started climbing and they started climbing," resident Chris Larson says. "Then boom--we get to that 20 number and it's like a ton of bricks hits you."

The facility confirming Wednesday that 20 people tested positive for COVID-19, including 13 staff members and six residents.

But, what has Larson and others at the facility so shaken up is that none of those 20 people are showing symptoms.

"It was sitting on pins and needles wondering," Larson says. "I know that if I were to get coronavirus, I could end up in the hospital on a ventilator like I was two years ago."

Over 300 staff members and residents were tested Monday after Governor Doug Burgum called for all nursing homes to do so.

All affected staff are quarantined at home.

As for those living at the facility, no one is allowed to leave their rooms and the six residents are isolated in a separate part of the building.

"Add on that we've been locked down since March and not being able to see the family has been tough," Larson says.

It hasn't been easy, but Larson says he's thankful the staff is working to keep everyone safe.

The facility adding, they'll have a second mass testing next week.