Search warrants detail how hard Fargo Police are working to get drugs off the street

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): 20 search warrants were filed in Cass County Friday. The majority were from Fargo Police, and most of those were for drugs. They lay out investigations using criminal informants, controlled buys and K-9 Units with drug sniffing dogs. Police say it only somewhat shows how bad the drug problem has gotten.

“search warrant came into my hands on the 7th Day of June”, “the 10th Day of June”, “the 14th”, “the 16th”, “the 17th” and the list keeps going. Police say it is indicative of just how bad the problem is, but only slightly.

“The drug problem is creating a lot of our property crimes what we're seeing within the city so it's kind of both good and bad,” said Fargo Police Deputy Chief Joe Anderson.

One warrant details an apartment search in south Fargo talking about the Gangster Disciples, a violent gang formed on the south streets of Chicago. Another, how officers staked out a hotel room as a Minneapolis man peddled drugs. Four more focused on an apartment building on Dakota Drive North where a K-9 Unit had multiple hits on multiple apartment units.

“That allows us the opportunity to use them as a tool to enhance our drug detection efforts,” said Anderson.

And still another talks about a report made to the Fargo North High School Resource Officer of two students suspected of dealing Fentanyl to other students using Smart Water plastic bottles.

“If we can build communication with some of those students who can provide us with information as far as trying to keep drugs out of the school and keep students safe, that goes in our favor,” explained the Deputy Chief.

And he adds it hopefully keeps our kids away from these deadly substances.

Fargo Public Schools said “Fargo Public Schools continues to work with the Fargo Police Department and other agencies to continue educating our community about the dangers of involvement with these drugs. Prior to the end of the school year, information was sent to parents about opioids and fentanyl. Fargo Public Schools encourages students to report any information regarding opioid use anonymously through the Text-A-Tip line to each School Resource Officer. More information can be found on the FPS website at this link.”