Savanna Greywind's work family pulling together during this difficult time

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - There's been an outpouring of community support for Savanna Greywind's family. As they try to get through this tough time, there's one more group of people offering their support: the people Savanna worked with at Eventide Fargo.

"She was here for the right reasons. She was helping people and what she did made a difference," Eventide Fargo Executive Director Chris Gilson said. "Losing Savanna is honestly like losing one of our family members."

To honor Savanna, those who worked with her can now pick up red light bulbs to place in front of their homes. The color red signifies the many missing and murdered indigenous women in our country and world. Unfortunately, it's a long list that Savanna is now on.

"A lot of people are asking the question 'why?' Why did this have to happen? ...Why at the prime of her life at 22? Why does this happen in Fargo, North Dakota of all places. This place that we think is so safe," Jeff Brown, Eventide Fargo Chaplain, said.

Brown said even with all those questions left unanswered, there's one thing bonding everyone together.

"We might not know what to think or to feel or what happens tomorrow, but we're together in it. In a funny way, we are together even in the midst of our grief," Brown said.

"Even though she may not be here doing it physically anymore, she's still going to be part of these people that she's been around," Gilson said. "She's going to be a a part of our employees and she's going to be part of all the residents she was able to serve. She will be remembered."