Savanna Greywind's family planning funeral, able to see baby Haisley Jo

Published: Aug. 31, 2017 at 10:44 AM CDT
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Savanna Greywind’s mom and dad were able to see the baby girl everyone assumes is Savanna’s, Haisley Jo.

Norberta Greywind says the DNA tests have not come back yet to confirm Haisley Jo is her granddaughter, but claims the baby looks just like Savanna. “She is beautiful.” Norberta says she and her husband were able to see the baby for the first time Wednesday at Sanford Health, and she is healthy.

At this time they have not heard when Haisley Jo will be released from custody. Savanna’s boyfriend, Ashton Matheny was able to see the baby girl also.

While seeing Haisley Jo brought Noberta a lot of joy, they are dealing with the pain of losing Savanna, and the stress of planning a funeral. At this time they do not have a date set. They also need help covering the funeral costs.

If you want to help pay for the funeral or donate money to support Haisley Jo you can do so by going to US Bank under the Haisley Jo fund.

The family asks you only use that account, saying fraudulent accounts have been a major issue for their family. The US Bank fund is the only one the family is currently affiliated with, and say people claiming to be family members have started pages, but are not actually related.

US Bank tells us you have to make the donation in person, you cannot do it online or through the mail. However, you can make the donation to any US Bank across the nation.

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner says Greywind's body can be released once the family chooses a funeral home.

The medical examiner also tells us they are not able to release information relating to the autopsy, they forward the information to law enforcement and then decided what to release to the public.

Fargo police say her death was caused by homicidal violence. They tell us there are no new updates with the case at this time.