Savanna Greywind's boyfriend now has full custody of his daughter Haisley Jo

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Ashton Matheny, Haisley Jo’s dad now has full legal custody of his baby girl. Matheny’s attorney, Krista Andrews says he can now function like any other dad.

The foster care has been dismissed after a custody hearing on September 12th in Cass County. Andrews says it was a unique circumstance, but the battle is now over for Matheny.

Matheny's attorney, Krista Andrews says he is a sweet dad and thankfully there is a happy ending. "You can relate because you have that love, and you can understand what a parent is going through, but I think it's hard to relate given the severity and the circumstances it's hard to understand what someone even went through in that circumstance."

A friend of Savanna Greywind’s family tells Valley News Live they have a good working relationship. Matheny brought Haisley Jo over to her grandparents’ house over the weekend to celebrate grandparent’s day.

The family friend also tells us Matheny has certainly proven himself as a loving father and done the right things given the fact that he has been under intense public scrutiny.

Andrews says, "Just like any other parent would be able to do, is to work with the grandparents and have that time together and work that out, yes they have a good working relationship."

Andrews is not charging Matheny a dime for helping with his custody battle. She is also having a baby shower for him, "Just wanted to have a little send off, some happiness, after everything." An event that is typically centered around a mom, in this care that's sadly not going to happen. "I know, I know, and it's so sad, so tragic, but you just want to have some celebration since they haven't been able to do that," says Andrews.

We were unable to attend the court hearing, custody hearings like this are closed to the public. Social services tells Valley News Live they cannot comment on confidential information.