Rusted gun found along Red River between Breckenridge and Wahpeton

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WAHPETON, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- A firearm was discovered near Breckenridge and Wahpeton Saturday. Those who found the gun posted the video of it online and now, the town is asking questions.

Video shows a firearm found along the Red River between Breckenridge and Wahpeton. The gun shows signs of rust.

Brad Steussy lives off Oak Street next to the river. He says this finding is far from the norm there.

"No this kind of this wouldn't happen in this neighborhood," said Brad Steussy from Breckenridge, Minnesota. "We wouldn't really have any kind of shootings or yeah, no gun fires at all."

"That's crazy I mean we kayak and swim in the river and stuff all the time and it's just crazy that they would find that just right here," Rhonda Dupras from Breckenridge, Minnesota. "If a kid would've found that or something who knows what would've happened."

What's even more puzzling for residents is whether this handgun is tied to the high profile death of Andrew Sadek. His body was found to the north of this discovery.

Sadek was the 20-year-old NDSCS student found dead in the Red River back in 2014. His body was found with a gunshot in the head, believed to be from a 22 Caliber weapon.

Five years later and the weapon hasn't turned up.

"There could be some cool evidence that they really are looking for," said Steussy.

When I checked with authorities, depending on whom you talked to, they either told me they knew nothing of the gun or wouldn't be commenting until Tuesday.