Rising danger on Minnesota roads: Drivers pulling over on busy roads to use phone

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 8:13 PM CST
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Stay off your phone or stay off the road. It’s a message from some Minnesota cops tonight after they say they've been seeing more people pulling over on roads they shouldn't be, checking their phones.

Daunte Baker is originally from a small town but he branched out and now goes to school in Moorhead. He tells us when he's behind the wheel, focusing on the road is his number one priority.

That's why he says he puts away all distractions when sitting in the driver seat.

"I just usually put it in the cup holder and don't really pay attention to it," says Minnesota college student, Daunte Baker.

But that's not the case for everyone. In fact if everyone was like Daunte, we might not be doing this story.

With the new hands-free law in Minnesota, troopers are now seeing another issue on Minnesota roads. That's people pulling over to check or use their phones, sometimes on the freeway. In case you didn't know, it's illegal to stop there unless it's an emergency.

And while it's not against the law to pull over on regular roads, troopers say it's still dangerous.

Jessica Sather has been a taxi driver in the F-M metro for a little over two years now. In that time she has seen a lot of people on their phones, whether it's her own passengers or people passing her on the road. But she tells us that's something you won't find her doing while behind the wheel.

"If it's important, obviously i would try and find somewhere to pull over," says F-M Taxi Driver, Jessica Sather.

Same goes for Baker. He says he does exactly what troopers suggest.

"Usually I just pull off to a gas station or something, if it's really that important," says Baker.

Minnesota State Patrol Trooper, Sgt. Jesse Grabow also wants to remind you, you can be cited if you're caught using your phone at a stop sign or traffic light.

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