Richland #44 Announces Independent Investigation

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Plenty of angry parents and taxpayers attended Tuesday night's first Richland High School board meeting since word spread of the sexual assault allegedly occurring to boys on the JV sports teams, which they call "The Rape Game."

At the meeting, the board passed a motion that will create an independent investigation and declared that said investigator would complete access to the school to get to the bottom of what's going on.

"It is incumbent upon us as school board member to make sure that none of this, if it did happen or if it didn't how it got to this point and I cant reiterate enough how important it is to have this investigator come in," said board member Nathan Berseth.

The investigator will be determined by the school's legal council as well as their financial negotiation team.

After the motion was passed, the school board entered into an executive session, which we were forbidden from being a part of.

Another executive session is expected to continue tomorrow.

In the interim, the boys on suspension remain suspended, and it appears that families from all side of the table are seeking legal council.

As to when the sheriff's office will complete their investigation? That remains unknown.