Restaurant Report Card: Who won this weeks clean plate award?

Fargo, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- For tonight Restaurant Report Card, we take a look at two different restaurants, with two different outcomes.

Our first stop is the Vietnamese restaurant, Viet Palace. They were given a critical violation for not having their dishwasher temperature at the right temperature. This could cause bacteria to collect and leaves residue from the last time it was used. Management told us that they fixed the problem immediately and that this is the first time they have been cited for this issue.

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Our next stop was Izumi on 5050 13th Ave. S. With two clean health inspections and keeping their products fresh with a new shipment twice a week, they were given the clean plate award. Fresh products isn't this restaurants only key to success, manager John Weng says that they give themselves a two hour window after lunch to clean and prepare the sushi for dinner.

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