Restaurant Report Card: Sweet treats to beat the heat

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MOORHEAD, N.D. (Valley News Live) Since the warm weather is here to stay, we went to few places where you can chill out with some sweet treats to beat the heat in Moorhead.

Tastee-Freez had no critical violations on the latest health inspection report. Moorhead locals said this place is a hidden gem, tucked away off Main Ave. They also said you can't beat the prices.

Moxie Java had 5 violations on its latest health inspection report. Two of them were critical. While the inspectors were there, the temperatures of some of their milk registered at 45 degrees, which isn't safe. The inspector ordered the milk to be moved to a different cooler. An employee told Valley News Live that their manager discussed with employees way to prevent this from happening again. The other critical violation stemmed from chemical sanitizer not being at proper levels.

This week's Clean Plate Award winner is Moorhead's iconic Dairy Queen on 8th street, which has been serving ice cream treats and putting smiles on people's faces since 1949.

Owners Troy and Diane DeLeon said it's important to them and their employees that every single customer walks away satisfied.