Restaurant Report Card: Sushi with a side of cockroach?

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Sushi with a side of cockroach? It's not what most people would like to see staring back at them. It happened at Wasabi Sushi and Asian Grill
The lady who took the picture said she works in downtown Fargo and goes there often. She said after this incident, she won't be back. She said the restaurant didn't charge her for her meal after she brought it to their attention. To be clear, the lady said the cockroach crawled onto the plate after she started eating.

Manager T.J. Edra said his heart sank when this was brought to his attention. He said their restaurant is housed in an old building and it's a problem they deal with monthly by having an exterminator fumigate the place.

So what type of bug ended up on the plate? Dr. Gerald Fauske with NDSU's Entomology Department had an answer.

"Yes, it's a cockroach. Yes, it's a German Cockroach and that is an introduced species to this country that is the most abundant cockroach in North Dakota," Fauske said.

Dr. Gerald Fauske knows a lot about insects and said even though cockroaches gross people out, they can't do much more to you.

"They don't spread diseases, but they're an indication that there are food scraps or things on the ground, something there that they can eat," Fauske said.

Fauske's comment fell in line with Wasabi's most recent health inspection report which marked them for a non-critical violation, telling them to keep their place free of insects and rodents.