Restaurant Report Card: Pizza places in Moorhead with critical violations

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MOORHEAD, N.D. (Valley News Live) This week’s Restaurant Report Card takes us to a couple of Moorhead pizza restaurants.

Our first stop is Pizza Patrol, which has been on RRC once before. In December 2014, they were cited with four violations, one of them critical. The pizza make table was sitting at 52 degrees, well over the proper holding temperature. Manager Amy Forsythe told us it was fixed right on the spot after she called in a repair order.

Fast forward to their most recent health inspection report, the pizza make table is still hovering at dangerously high temperatures. They were also given critical violations for personal cleanliness of employees and using the wrong sanitizer for food contact surfaces.

Forsythe said all the problems listed on their most recent health inspection report were fixed, but didn’t want to go on camera with us this time.

Little Caesar’s is the other restaurant with critical violations for this week’s RRC. An employee health log wasn’t being kept at the restaurant and precooked chicken didn’t have a date on them. The chicken could have been used for customer orders.

We reached out to Little Caesar’s, but did not get a comment from a manager about these violations.