Restaurant Report Card: Former Clean Plate Award recipient slapped with critical violations

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FARGO & WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - The three restaurants we looked into on this week's Restaurant Report Card were slapped with critical violations because employees weren't following rules in place.

Taco Shop, a former Clean Plate Award recipient, received four violations, two of those critical: employees eating food where it could contaminate the food sent out to the customer and not providing a place for employees to wash their hands. A manager said these problems have been corrected.

Papa Murphy's was slapped with three violations, one of those critical. Just like Taco Shop, employees were eating food in areas that could contaminate the food sent out to customers. A manager there said it was a misunderstanding, but they've corrected the issue.

Deaner's Diner in West Fargo was cited for two violations, one of those critical. According to an inspection report and the diner's manager, Dean Johnson, an employee had a drink that wasn't covered in an area that could come in contact with the food customers are served. Johnson also said Cass County Public Health made a mistake when marking the critical violation, originally marking it as an employee was using tobacco while preparing food.

Deaner's Diner

Papa Murphy's

Taco Shop