Restaurant Report Card: Checking out local grocery store delis

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) After a long day at work, not everyone heads to a drive-thru for their dinner. Many people go to a grocery store deli to either pick up something already made or to buy fresh meats.

In Fargo, the delis in Hornbacher's Osgood and Walmart off of 52nd Ave S. had recent health inspection reports with no critical violations. However, Family Fare in West Fargo had four critical violations on their health inspection reports.

Those violations included not properly packaging foods to keep it from contamination, not properly cooling cooked food, and using the handwash sink for purposes other than handwashing. These violations came from reports on 8/19/2015 and 4/20/15.

According to Family Fare's most recent health inspection report (11/18/15) those problems have been fixed.

Hornbacher's Southgate's deli is the recipient of this week's Clean Plate Award. They've had no critical violations on their last three health inspection reports. The deli manager said they were thrilled about the award.

If you want to know how a grocery store deli in your community did on their most recent health inspection report, go to the deli and ask them for it. All places that are inspected by the health department are supposed to keep the latest report on file.