Restaurant Report Card: One fast food restaurant is keeping up while the other is slowing down

Fargo, ND (Valley News Live) ---- Two fast food chains, one is keeping up with the speed while the other has fallen behind.

McDonald's is an easy place to get a meal any time of day. Especially for the early birds who like to get a coffee with their breakfast sandwich.

However, for this health inspection, a brush that is used to clean the coffee pots was found left in a sink that should only be used for employee hand washing.

The supervisor of the location on 3220 39th St. S. said that the problem has been fixed and a plan is set into place to make sure it doesn't happen again.

You can get their full report here .

The Tropical Smoothie Cafe located at 1650 45th St. South is this weeks clean plate award winner. The Cafe always keeps their ingredients fresh and a daily routine is in order, which is the secret to this fast food restaurants success.

General Manger, Dorian Yosenick said, "We have a checklist. Mandatory everyday checklist that we keep up with the cleanliness of our store. But like I said, it comes down to the staff. They're always on top of things we're always making sure everything gets clean day in and day out."

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