Residents in West Fargo neighborhood want to see changes on their street following crash that hit boy on bike

WEST FARGO, N.D.(Valley News Live)- A warning tonight from some West Fargo residents after a boy was hurt while riding his bike in their neighborhood. The SUV crashed into him near the intersection of 7th Street and 4th Avenue East. Now, people living in that area tell us they want something to change on this busy road.

"Officers arrived on scene, a juvenile male has been injured," says West Fargo Assistant Chief, Jerry Boyer.

A startling scene for West Fargo woman Kala Braaten to wake up to. She lives in a mobile home park off of 4th Avenue in West Fargo. Braaten tell us when she heard that someone riding a bike was hit by a car just feet from her home, it didn't entirely surprise her.

"This area has been really bad for people not going the speed limit," says West Fargo Resident, Kala Braaten.

It's a problem Braaten tells us she sees almost daily, cars speeding on this stretch of road in West Fargo that's right outside of the police department.

"It doesn't take much to hurt a kid or even an adult driving 25 mph and I just wish people would watch out for kids and watch their speed limit," says Braaten.

Braaten isn't the only person living in the area who wishes for that same thing. In fact we talked to some other people living near this road who tell us they want something to change. They claim they've brought their concerns across the street to police but nothing happened other than these speed signs being put up

And Braaten thinks there could be a simple solution to keep kids safer on this stretch of road.

"I’m really surprised they haven't made it a four-way stop, especially since it's next to a school," says Braaten.

But until something is changed, residents in this neighborhood want to remind drivers to keep a close eye on the road especially this summer when kids are out of school and out on their bikes. They also want to remind anyone riding their bikes to always be on the lookout for drivers.

The cause of the crash is still unknown. The child involved is 8-years old. We do not know the extent of his injuries at this time.