Researchers say working out could make you gain weight

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- If you go to the gym on a regular basis or slave away during that spin cycle class and you aren't seeing the results you expect, it's not just you.

Research says exercising may make you gain weight.
A new study says it's because people overindulge after a gym session, believing they 'deserve it'.

After a workout you may be thinking you deserve a reward, but experts say that type of thinking is self-sabotage.

"It's more common than not where people will actually gain weight because they're thinking that they're doing way more then their body's actually burning," says Jamie Smith, Group Exercise Director at Courts Plus.

That's why Smith recommends people to eat a fat, carb and protein diet before and after a workout.

"I do three eggs, two egg whites. And then I do two slices of turkey bacon and then I do a big ol' bowl of oatmeal," says Megan Swenson, member at Courts Plus.

"Before I usually eat a banana with peanut butter and two hard boil eggs. And I have no answer for after, whatever's there is what I eat," laughs Rachel Reid, member at Courts Plus.

But sometimes you do indulge in sweets after burning all those calories.

"Self control is hard. We live in a world that everything is out there. Cravings, everything. You see it, the eye wants it," says Swenson.

But starting at the grocery store and choosing healthy options can lead you into a living healthy lifestyle, helping you lose the weight you're trying to lose at the gym.

"Being intentional and mindful at the grocery store with fruits and vegetables and having healthy snacks available, that's what you're going to go to if that's what's available," says Reid.

Smith says eating a good source of nourishment helps you hit that goal you set for yourself. Whether it's losing weight, getting stronger or losing body fat.

Courts Plus also says to be aware of how many calories you eat and burn because that can also help you achieve your weight goals.