'Remarkable outcome' for man who walks away from rolled over semi, according to police

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- A remarkable outcome for the driver of semi who was pinned in the cab of his rig. It happened in a newly-developed neighborhood in south Fargo Friday afternoon. Police say the driver was backing up on soft ground that gave in. Police tell us he's lucky he wasn’t seriously injured and it’s a situation that workers are seeing more of with all the water around the valley.

It started as a typical day for Brett Grund. He was busy digging up dirt and putting pipes in the ground for a future home. But then he heard a loud noise and saw something he's never seen before.

"We were waiting for sand for the garage floor drain and all of a sudden, the semi tipped over because the ground is pretty soft," says Brett Grund.

The driver was stuck inside but luckily crews were able to get him out and miraculously, he walked away and didn't even get hurt.

"It was a combination of the ground being soft and just the position the truck was in when the box was attempted to go up in the air," says Fargo Fire Department Captain, Mike Hendrickson.

Captain Mike Hendrickson tells us these kinds of accidents are rare. He says they only see about three of them a year but when they do happen, he tells us it's typically in a construction zone where the ground is wet and becomes soft.

"It's a mess that's for sure, especially in ground works, you have to wait for the water to go down. As you can see, it's still pretty soft," says Grund.

Grund tells us they have been seeing a lot of that this season. All the rain and even snow has created some tricky grounds for getting stuff done. But after Grund saw his co-worker was okay, it was back to work, wasting no time getting this future home ready to go.

The fire captain we talked to also tells us these kinds of rollovers are typically more common on highways. Adding, uneven grounds also contributed to the accident.