Relocation underway for displaced Elim residents

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) The residents of Elim Assisted Living spent most of their day in Eagles Elementary after the fire broke out at the facility at 3 P.M.

Relocation efforts began around 9 P.M. Residents could be seen being carefully transported from Eagles Elementary to one of the multiple vans parked out front that were ready to take them to other care facilities in the area.

All 111 residents were evacuated safely when the fire started.

As soon as they knew there was an issue, the staff jumped into action.

"You'd be surprised that they are doing really well in this crisis situation," said Elim Chaplain, David Juve. "Like everybody else, waiting to find out what that next step is for them. But that's in motion, all of that is in motion. So we're just waiting for the final execution and we'll help transfer people to a safe warm place where their medical needs will be attended to and their ongoing care can continue just like it did here at Elim."

The state is coordinating the Elim, where the residents are being relocated. Some may return to Elim, if and when the okay is given. Most will be taken to other care facilities nearby.

"As close to Fargo is the first priority," said Juve. "Out of that, we just wait and see what becomes available based on residents' needs. I think it's safe to say by tonight sometime they will all be in a safe facility."

It will turn into a long night for residents and staff as well, who will not leave until all residents are relocated.

While they were inside Eagles Elementary, the main goal was to keep them as comfortable as possible. This included a meal, signing, a prayer, and most likely talking about their experience.