Redemption Road helps put men getting out of jail and struggling with addiction on the right path

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(Valley News Live) A new recovery and transitional ministry is making a difference in our community.

It's helping men who are getting out of jail and drug treatment facilities get back on track.

The Valley News team explains how Redemption Road is giving them a safe and welcoming place to stay sober.

Aaron Orlando Mendez struggled with addiction since he was 14 with multiple overdoses, in and out of treatment centers and several stays in jail, but now he stands in front of this crowd over a year sober.

"The treatments that I would go to were secular which there's nothing wrong with that. It was just tools and what not. Coping skills on how to manage your life."

He says something was missing from his life and he would always fall back on what he knew after the low points.

Until one day, he truly wanted his life to change and that was when he found Redemption Road.

"And now I'm living in a positive living environment where people are actually concerned about my well-being and they want to see me be successful."

David Vernoy, the Pastor of Redemption Road, also struggled with addiction and believes that background allows him to help the men that come to him in ways other treatment options can't.

"On a couple different levels, they understand what I'm talking about because I've been there. I speak their language."

Redemption Road has a goal to bring accountability to the men involved with the program helping them with the day to day.

"Our ministry has four different levels that we look at: Sober living environment, employment, the recovery journey and being a service," adds Vernoy.

Travis Linn is also involved with the ministry and a former addict who says the road to recovery may have bumps along the way but it's all about what happens afterwards that determines your success.

"There's something better than laying down and quitting so the key isn't just not failing. The key is when I fail I get up."

When on the Redemption Road, all can believe the best is yet to come.