Recreational pot measure going up in smoke

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(FARGO) Valley News Live Recreational marijuana will go up in smoke, according to the latest results from Valley News Live/Strategic Research Associates polling. Measure number 3 would legalize the possession of marijuana and provides for the automatic removal of past marijuana convictions in North Dakota. However, 65% are against the idea. Only 26% support measure 3 and 9% are undecided.
There are three other measures on the ballot. Measure number 1 is close. It calls for the establishment of an ethics commission, bans foreign political contributions and enacts provisions related to lobbying and conflicts of interest. 42% are for Measure number 1, 34% are against and a large number are undecided at 24%. This one could go either way.
Measure number 2 would amend the North Dakota constitution to say that only citizens are qualified to vote in federal, state, local or school elections. An overwhelming number, 72% are for this, while 20% are against and 8% are undecided. This appears to be headed for passage on November 6th.
The fourth and final measure on the ballot calls for providing partially personalized license plates to volunteer emergency responders that would provide free access to state parks. With two weeks to go before the actual vote, 54.9% support Measure four, 25.6% are against and 19.5% are undecided.
The VNL poll has a margin of error of less than 4%. 650 likely voters were polled between October 12th through the 19th.

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