Records say house of 9-hour stand-off no stranger to police

MOORHEAD, M.N. (KVLY) The man police say is responsible for the 9-hour stand-off in south Moorhead yesterday is expected to be seen by a Clay County judge tomorrow morning.

35-year-old Blake Fitzgerald is currently being held on multiple charges after police were called to his home at 1423 5th St. S. Tuesday morning.

Moorhead Police say they were called to a domestic disturbance between a man and a woman, and added that the woman told officers that the man was inside the home with a gun.

Fitzgerald finally surrendered to SWAT officials after tear gas was deployed into his home.

Valley News Live dug into Fitzgerald's background and besides a laundry list of petty traffic violations, he doesn't have a lot on his record that resembles what went on yesterday.

However, several of Fitzgerald's neighbors we talked with say 'that blue house on 5th St. is known for constantly having police at the door.'

We got a hold of dispatch records today which show, since Fitzgerald and his ex-girlfriend moved in in January, Moorhead Police have responded to the home 10 different times.

One neighbor tells Valley News Live the most recent incident was last weekend when she woke up to five cop cars on her street and a woman yelling that her daughter was being held hostage inside 'the blue home.'

Fitzgerald's family tells me although he is to blame for some of his actions yesterday, they say his ex-girlfriend is the real person at fault. We're not using her name, as police have not released it yet.

A no-contact order was recently filed against that same ex-girlfriend, after police records say she punched Fitzgerald in the face in mid-March. She was later charged with simple assault and resisting arrest.

Fitzgerald was charged back in 2003 with terroristic threats and trespassing, and has a domestic violence order against him out of Wisconsin.

The victim did not want to get into too many details, but she tells Valley News Live that she experienced months of physical and emotional abuse from Fitzgerald.

It's still unclear what exactly unfolded between the two yesterday morning before police were called, but most of those details are expected to be released tomorrow.