Rebels with a cause: the Valley's Women in the Wind ride to support women, perform acts of altruism

Published: Jun. 14, 2019 at 5:47 PM CDT
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If you're a motorcyclist in the area, you may already know there's a community of women bikers, who ride together while helping one another. They join up for good causes, one of which is going on Saturday in Fargo. We shot the breeze with the Valley's "Women in the Wind".

"We're just here to unite women motorcyclists and teach them about safety and just find someone to ride with," Women in the Wind Red River Valley-chapter president, Becki Jacobson, says.

They're rebels—with a cause.

"It brings together women of all abilities...we give each other tips and it helps to boost the confidence of the newer riders," Amy Dailey, the group’s road captain, says.

Ranging in age from their 20s, to...

"I am 66," Dailey says.

"I'm 68," member, Kathy Byers, says.

The F-M area Women in the Wind are part of an international group.

"I always rode on the back of someone's bike and never had enough room for my stuff," Jacobson says.

Jacobson started the Red River Valley chapter in 2016—there were just four members.

"Riding around, people started riding with us," Jacobson says.

Now they're 20 members strong.

"Well it's been a blessing...before I used to go like, it was hard to find somebody to ride with," Dailey says.

"I was just ecstatic," Byers says.

The women ride together…

"There's so many women out there that only ride with their husbands...not saying that the men are mean, you know, but I think that the women feel a little more comfortable riding with other women," Jacobson says.

…while educating on biking safety.

"We just crack the whip on somebody who's not paying attention,” Byers says. “No, I'm just kidding."

Twenty "bad biker chicks”—with a good cause. On Saturday, the group is hosting the 1st Annual Women in the Wind Elks Camp Grassick Shotgun Run. The women say it’s for bikers as well as any other vehicle with two, three or four wheels. It's all to send people to Elks Camp Grassick—a camp in Dawson, North Dakota, for the disabled.

"Almost everybody knows somebody who needs somebody to look out after him," Dailey says.

These ride-or-die women are there for one another, on and off the bikes.

"There's almost always somebody ready to do something on a weekend," Dailey says.

"We form a really nice friendship,” Jacobson says. “We've always got someone to ride with."

"The women that I ride with are great bunch of women and it's just fun," Byers says.

"It isn't just a sisterhood during the riding season,” Penny Carlson, the group’s vice president, says. “It's a sisterhood throughout the year."

And that's something they can hang their helmets on.

To see more about this weekend’s event, head here:

For more about Women in the Wind and other upcoming events with the group, join the Facebook page here:

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