'It must have been horrifying' Doctor suggests Crews didn't act alone in fetal abduction

Published: Sep. 21, 2018 at 1:08 PM CDT
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UPDATE: The afternoon session of William Hoehn's trial for conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Savanna Greywind resumed with testimonies from several experts.

DNA analyst, Brandon McColloum was the first to take the stand. McColloum told jurors that in his testing he didn't find any blood in Hoehn's Jeep. McColloum also said he didn't find any of Hoehn's or Brooke Crews' DNA on the rope that was around Savanna's neck when her body was recovered.

Next to take the stand was Dr. Frederick Kieley, who was the first doctor to examine Savanna's baby, Haisley Jo. Haisley Jo was taken to the hospital on Aug. 24, after police executed a search warrant at Hoehn and Crews' apartment.

Dr. Kieley told jurors that Haisley was only about four pounds when she came in to the hospital, but added that 'it was remarkable' how healthy she was for being fetally abducted just five days prior.

Kieley testified that it takes at least a dozen people to pull of a c-section in a hospital. And when he was asked if he would be able to execute a successful c-section on his own, he said that 'it would be impossible;'

Suggesting that Crews did not act alone.

Kieley also said that 'it's tough to imagine' Savanna's last moments without anesthesia as her baby was cut out of her, adding 'it must have been horrifying.'

The rest of the afternoon went back through the afternoon and evening of Aug. 27, 2017—When kayakers discovered Savanna's body wrapped in plastic and caught on a log, floating in the Red River.

Trial resumes Monday morning at 9, with testimonies expected from the medical examiner and Brooke Crews.

Day four of William Hoehn's trial started this morning with the court watching the last few minutes of investigators' second interview with Hoehn last August.

The remainder of the video played to the court, showed investigators pleading with Hoehn to tell them where Savanna Greywind's body was. At this point, Greywind had been missing for 5 days.

"Tell me where to go, Will. Can you take us to her?" Detective Joshua Loos with Fargo Police said.

The prosecution then went on to play Brooke Crews' first interview with investigators on Aud. 24; The day police executed a search warrant at Crews and Hoehn's apartment and found Crews inside with a newborn baby.

In this interview, Crews tells police that Savanna told her that she was 'unhappy with her life." Crews added that Savanna didn't want her baby and asked Crews to take care of it for her.

Crews stated that she instructed Savanna on how to induce her own labor. Telling her to 'use a shush kababob stick' to insert and break her own water.

Crews says Savanna left her apartment that Aug. 19 afternoon.

"When she left my apartment, she was well, healthy and walking on her own two feet," Crews said. She soon added that Savanna was still pregnant when she left.

But Crews says Savanna returned in the early morning hours of Aug. 21 to give Crews her baby. Crews said Savanna was only supposed to be gone a few days.

Investigators became frustrated with Crews, telling her they weren't buying her story. Adding that a forensic team was currently at her apartment, so if Crews had anything to tell investigators, she should do it now.

"Well they can't be finding much at my apartment, because there isn't anything in my apartment to find," Crews told police.

Crews maintained throughout her interview that she didn't know where Savanna had gone and had nothing to do with her disappearance.

"As far as causing any harm to her, no, I didn't," Crews told police.

The morning session ended with the state calling on an FBI agent who specializes in DNA. Court resumes at 1:30 this afternoon.