RECAP DAY 3: Hoehn recalls a 'blood all over the floor' the day Savanna went missing

Published: Sep. 20, 2018 at 1:13 PM CDT
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UPDATE: Prosecutors introduced video today that they say shows William Hoehn telling two different stories to police.

Four days after Savanna Greywind was first reported missing, investigators questioned Hoehn for the first time.

In this interview, he maintained that he only said hi to savanna on Aug. 19 when he got home from work.

But the next 24 hours changed Hoehn's story drastically when investigators testified that surveillance video showed Hoehn buying newborn diapers at Walmart on Aug.24.

In a second interview with police, Hoehn said he came home on Aug.19th to 'blood all over the floor' and a baby.

He said his girlfriend, Brooke Crews, presented the baby to him saying, 'this is our baby, this is our family.'

Hoehn went on to give chilling new details of the days the newborn was in his apartment; Saying she slept in a suitcase and they even took her out in public.

Investigators asked Hoehn where the couple hid the baby whenever police came to search their apartment in the early days of Greywind's disappearance.

"The baby was right there. You guys just didn't see it. The baby was right there," Hoehn said. "In a little bed. I didn't want to go out and spend money on a crib right away because I was trying to get caught up on rent to make sure the electric don't get shut off."

He went on to tell investigators that, 'she was just a really good baby,' and that's why no one ever heard crying from their apartment.

At one point during the questioning, Hoehn became upset, asking police 'you're going to book us on murder?'

The second questioning video was filled with a long bits of silence, hard to hear, hushed answers from Hoehn and the constant question from police of "What did you see, Will?"

At one point, police became visibly frustrated with Hoehn saying, "The only people who know what went on in that apartment are you, Brooke and Savanna. Well, unfortunately we cant find savanna and ask her."

Investigators also told Hoehn to break his allegiance with his then girlfriend, Brooke Crews.

"She doesn't owe you s***. She doesn't love you," Detective Loos said.

However, Hoehn continued to tell police that he was '100 percent backing' Crews and didn't know where Savanna went.

The afternoon ended with investigators telling Hoehn that in an earlier interview with Crews, she told them 'you'll have to ask Will' where Savanna's body is.

Trial resumes at 9:00 tomorrow morning.The jury is expected to see video of one of the first police interviews with Brooke Crews.

She's also expected to testify in court early next week.


The third day of William Hoehn's trial started this morning with testimony from Detective Joshua Loos, with the Fargo Police Department.

Hoehn is on trial for conspiracy to commit murder in the death of 22-year-old and 8-months pregnant Savanna Greywind in Aug. 2017.

Detective Loos talked about the first time he interviewed Hoehn on Aug. 23. At this point, Savanna had been missing for four days. The prosecution then played the video of that first interview for jurors.

In this video interview, Loos said that Hoehn told him that he got home on Aug. 19 between 2 and 2:30 that afternoon from work. Hoehn says, he saw Savanna and his girlfriend Brooke Crews in the living room, adding that Crews introduced him to Savanna and then he went into his bedroom.

Hoehn said he then took a shower and when he got out, Savanna was already gone. He told detectives that he didn't know where she went.

Prosecutors later stopped the video and went back to interviewing Detective Loos. The state asked Loos what was significant about the following day, Aug. 24.

"We learned that Mr. Hoehn had made several purchases (at Walmart), it wasn't a huge list, but the item that immediately stuck out to us was a package of diapers," Loos said.

Loos went on to say that the diapers were newborn size.

Police then conducted a search warrant of Hoehn and Crews' apartment, finding Crews and a newborn baby inside.

Hoehn was at work at the time of the search warrant, but was soon after arrested.

The prosecution then played a video for the court of the second interview police had with William Hoehn. Investigators asked Hoehn who's baby it was that they found in his apartment.

"I can't tell you for sure," Hoehn said.

Hoehn also told investigators he didn't remember when the first time he saw the baby was, but remained firm in supporting his girlfriend.

"I love Brooke dearly and I promised to have her back 100 percent to the end," Hoehn said.

Testimonies and video evidence will continue in court this afternoon at 1:30.