Quick clean up in downtown Fargo after Saturday night riots

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 10:28 AM CDT
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On Saturday, May 30th, riots began to break out on the streets of downtown Fargo - fueled by George Floyd's death. Floyd is the man who pleaded with a Minneapolis Police Officer who was pressing a knee into his neck while he was saying he couldn't breathe.

But Saturday morning was a different story than what took place in downtown Fargo that night.

Photos captured by Colby Warzecha, show a peaceful protest as they marched to the Fargo Police Department. The photos at the department show officers talking with the protesters and holding signs that say, "One Race. Human Race." and "Justice for George Floyd."

However, even after Saturday nights riot, Fargo Police Chief David Todd said in a press conference on Sunday morning that he saw very good people associated with the event who were trying to stop what was happening. He thanked them and said he believes they stopped some injuries to the officers.

On Sunday, May 31st, downtown was already being put back to normal.

President and CEO of the Downtown Community Partnership, Melissa Brandt, says that she was blown away by how the community came together in clean up efforts that morning.

Leading up to Sunday, Brandt says they had been preparing the best they could and that the communication between was incredible between Fargo Police, the Partnership and local businesses.

She said they wanted to put efforts into place right away to show people that they did not win and so we can continue to support our local businesses. She went on to say that it was just incredible to see people down here at 7 am and to see the streets and everything pretty much cleaned up by 9 am.

Besides sending out a huge thank you to the community, Brandt also said she wanted to thank our police department, public works department and city leaders for their hard work, communication and support during this time.

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