Questions remain after trucking company abruptly shuts down

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At the LME terminal Friday morning, a lot of workers were coming in and out trying to get their questions answered. Just a handful of workers inside were seen waiting for more information from the trucking company, which suddenly shut down on Thursday.

The manager says there are 34 employees in the Fargo location alone now looking for a job.

It's kind of sad to see that the bunch of truckers and terminal workers are out of business, or out of work because of this" says LME Customer James Bent.

The employees inside say they are still in the dark, but out of courtesy, letting loyal customers know what they can.

"I just came over this morning to check out, see if we can get the freight back. Unfortunately, since they don't have any employees, they can't give us the freight currently" Bent said.

Workers say the Fargo location has about 20 tractors, about 52 trailers and it's one of 30 terminals across a 10-state area in the Midwest. The manager himself says he found out on Thursday and says he's just waiting around to see if he'll get any more information.

Workers also say that they did not get paid on Friday that would have paid them for the last three weeks.

LME's website says effective July 12th, they will no longer be making pick-ups or deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances and their plan is to use an alternate carrier to assist.

One worker says there will be about 500 drivers looking for a new job.