Puppy Yoga class raises $800 for animal rescue

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Many people turn to yoga as a form of exercise and a way to unwind. It's a place where you wouldn't expect to see our furry friends taking to the mat.

At Icehouse Fit, the two came together.

"We had 5 puppies and 40 people," said co-owner Courtney Shoemaker. "We just did a nice easy yoga flow and all the money we raised will go back to Turtle Mountain."

They are hoping to help residents of Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue like puppies Doug and Jay.

"We have such an overpopulation of dogs and puppies not only in the Fargo-Moorhead, North Dakota area, but all over the country as well," said Taylor Fischer, Fundraising Coordinator for Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue. "Adopting a puppy saves so many lives because you not only save the life of the dog you adopted, but you save the life of the dog that gets to be in that dogs place at the shelter."

"In the winter time we get a lot more puppies and dogs in," Fischer added. "It's harsh conditions out there for them."

The animals up for adoption range from puppies, to adult dogs, cats, and kittens. For them, spending a long period of time at the shelter isn't easy.

"In a shelter situation it can be stressful for them. They're in a kennel all day long," said Fischer.

If you aren't able to be their forever home, you can still help out.

"You can foster," explained Fischer. "We supply all the foster supplies for fostering so it's really easy. You just get to cuddle puppies, or adult dogs, or cats. We have all of them available to you."

It's not only helping the animal. Studies have shown that having a pet can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to their owner.

"Amazing...the best feeling in the world," said Krisa Shuck and Bailey Gemar, two attendees of the puppy yoga class.

"It's good to have the comfort by you," added Gemar.

The puppy yoga event raised $800 dollars, with every dollar going to the Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue.