Public works departments responding to multiple water main breaks, who gets stuck with the bill?

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- This winter that never ends is a major pain for city public works departments across the metro. The reason why? Not only snow but also water main breaks.

They've had a slew of them this week alone. So we went to see what happens with a water main break and who gets the bill.

Streets flooded and Fargo residents temporarily without water. This is what some homeowners have been dealing with this winter.

"Once we get down to that, it's just excavate the main break itself out. Clean the pipe out and then put a repair clamp on that," says Fargo Public Works Services Manager, Matthew Andvik.

Matthew Andvik with the Fargo Public Works Department tells us they've been busy clearing the streets the past couple of days so they can get to water main breaks. They've had five this week alone and the cost to repair them isn't cheap.

Valley News Live: “How much does it cost the city itself to make these repairs?”

"Depending on the break and the type of street it's in but on average, anywhere between $5,000 and $8,000 per break," says Andvik.

But Andvik says these homeowners aren't going to get stuck with the tab for fixing these breaks. That comes from a general fund. Yes, it's still tax dollars but not an assessment for the neighborhood where it happened.

As for the people in the impacted neighborhood like this one, despite losing water for a couple of hours they now have evidence of this winter that will never end.

Officials with Fargo Public Works tell us it's the water main replacements that will show up in your assessment. The cost of that depends how old the pipe is and the street. The director of the department says they have been working to replace the pipes through the years.