Public concerned over horse that appears to be neglected

GARDNER, N.D. - (Valley News Live) This particular property, along I-29 between Gardner and Argusville, has been getting attention for years. Attention for things ranging from its poor condition to the animals that live there.

"I've driven by this place in the summer and it's basically a junkyard with horses," said Heidi Charles, who's taken note of the horse on the property several times. "This poor horse. He's trapped in the snow. He's been there at least a couple of days from what I heard."

She is not the only one concerned. Cass County Deputies received 4 calls on this day alone about the horse, calls they always follow up on with a visit.

"Today we did contact the veterinarian," said Sheriff Jesse Jahner. "The veterinarian did say that it was fine for the animal to be out in those conditions based on the habitat that it was in."

The bottom line is they say the horse is not being neglected based on a checklist provided by the vet.

"The things that we're coached, so to speak, to look for from the veterinarian is that it has an area to get out of the windy conditions of the horse wants to and that it has food and water," explained Sheriff Jahner.

This decision is seconded by the Stockmen's Association, according to authorities.

"That particular area and that particular horse has been investigated by the Stockmen's Association as well in the past and the report that we got from them is that the horse is fine and that their well being is fine," said Sheriff Jahner.

We reached out to the owner of the land the the horse for a comment. He did not respond.

Cass County deputies say they will continue to check on the animal and respond to any concerned calls.