Protecting yourself from cyberattacks

(KFYR)- Chances are, you've been hacked. Cybersecurity experts say almost everyone has had an email address, password or other type of personal information stolen. Those specialists say it doesn't matter if you have a big or small company, or it's your private account, everyone is at risk.

Healthcare, manufacturing, it doesn't matter the industry. Hackers are working to gain secure data all the time.

“Cybersecurity is really a money making business for the bad actors out there,” Matt Frohlich, Associate Professor for Cybersecurity at Bismarck State College said.

Experts are working to teach businesses in the Bismarck-Mandan area about the risks they are facing.

“Everybody is a target, it doesn't matter your size, if you're a small business with two or three employees or a large business with hundreds of employees you are a target,” Frohlich said.

Frohlich says some of the biggest things to remember: educate yourself and your employees, have training in place and create a culture so workers aren't scared to report when something happens.

“Make sure people are as prepared as possible that they can protect themselves and their industry,” Tony Auckland, Information Security Analyst for the state of North Dakota said.

Auckland works in IT for the state and says they're trying to help everyone out.

“We are always trying to get as much information in front of people as possible and help them identify what those risks are,” Auckland said.

Professionals also said not to reuse passwords, to change them and make them at least 15 characters long.

Frohlich says small businesses are sometimes more at risk, because they don't always invest in the resources they need to prevent attacks.