'Place of Last Drink' proposal looks to decrease drunk drivers

Published: Dec. 18, 2018 at 5:46 PM CST
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The Liquor Control Board is scheduled to hear a proposal tomorrow night on a new way to keep bars in the Valley responsible.

The program is called POLD, standing for Place of Last Drink.

It's an effort to keep track of locations where people last consumed alcohol when they are involved in incidents like DUI's and assaults.

The woman behind the local push for POLD didn't get back to us today, but similar initiatives are already present near the Twin Cities.

In Hennepin County, officers track all incidents that involve alcohol. They look at the crimes committed, what bar that offender was last at and what the average blood alcohol content is. And through that data, officers are able to find patterns and zero in on specific places that need to be talked to.

If law enforcement talking with a bar or club doesn't lower the amount of times a person is over-served, that information can be used against them when reviewing liquor licenses.

Officials in Hennepin County say that bartenders usually don't know if someone's gotten kicked out at another bar down the road, or what happens to that customer when they leave their establishment. Officials add that the Place of Last Drink tracks those patterns and aims to stop over-serving.

The Place of Last Drink program is also in place in Excelsior, Minn., where officials say it has lowered the average blood alcohol content at all of the major bars in town. Officials also say they think the initiative has made bartenders pay more attention to the people they're serving.

Stick with Valley News Live, as we will let you know what comes out of tomorrow's meeting.

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