Report: No one from FPD was aware of former Deputy Chief's plans to go undercover

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 7:19 AM CDT
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A newly released report detailing the internal investigation of the former Fargo Police Deputy Chief once again accuses Todd Osmundson of failing to report his plans to work undercover with his superiors, which then put his fellow officers at risk.

The report also alleges that Osmundson was drinking during his time spent in the crowds during the downtown Fargo protests.

Osmundson was seen in the crowd of protesters undercover on May 30th, holding a beer and yelling obscenities about police.

He was placed on an unpaid suspension on June 4th and then resigned from the Fargo Police Department later that day.

The Fargo Police Department’s Professional Standards Office just completed the investigation into the conduct of former Deputy Chief Osmundson and released the report to the public.

The PSO’s investigation concluded several facts about Osmundson’s conduct on Saturday, May 30th, including the following:

• No member of the FPD was aware Osmundson was acting in an undercover capacity on May 30.

• No member of the FPD authorized Osmundson to act in the capacity he did on May 30.

• Osmundson’s actions created significant risk to the public, himself and other officers.

You can see the full report through the

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