Principal says construction at Discovery Middle school shouldn't be a problem

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) The countdown is on for students' final days of summer.

Fargo Public Schools' first day back is exactly two weeks from today. And one Fargo school in particular is causing stress and worry among parents.

A $16 million project has had Discovery Middle School under construction since the spring. And with classes looming, there's still a lot of work to be done.

Just taking a look at the outside of Discovery makes you think one thing.

"Wow, there's a lot going on!" Discover Middle School Principal, Vincent Williams said.

But there's even more going on, inside.

The project includes an expanded cafeteria, a new music wing and a new secure entrance. But some parents we talked to in the area are concerned for their kids' safety walking or taking the bus to school with all the construction around.

But even though it looks chaotic now, Williams says he wants to assure parents

"i'll be honest, the first day of school at any site, there's always traffic jams and what have you. But we're gonna be proactive, we're gonna have people out directing traffic," Williams said.

"We will not be 100 percent ready, but we will be ready to welcome students," Williams said.

He says the big stuff will be ready in two weeks, but the smaller projects will be finished in October.

"It may alter the flow of traffic, as far as disrupting the learning environment, you can't plan for that," Williams said.

And as for a timeline, Williams says everything is right on track. He says he can't wait for students and staff to see the finished project soon.

"Discovery is already an awesome school, it's gonna be even awesomer—If that's a word," Williams said.

Williams also says the project also includes a new main office and new counseling wing, as well as new locker areas and a larger parking lot.