Prevent packages from being stolen by "porch pirates"

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 10:11 PM CST
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Roughly 75 million people take advantage of Cyber Monday looking for a steal of a deal, but the last thing you want is for those deals to end up stolen when they finally reach your doorstep.

"The biggest piece is to plan ahead,” said Deric Swenson with Moorhead Police. “Most of your technology is going to be able to give you an estimated time where your packages are going to be delivered, and at that point, you need to make a plan. Are you going to be available to be there to pick them up, is there a neighbor or somebody else that can pick them up?"

We talked to a man who has been convicted of property theft in Cass County. He says these things typically happen because they are easy, it’s a crime of opportunity.

"It may be just impulse, they see that package there,” Swenson said. “It may be a plan that they're actually driving around the city looking for those opportunities, but another piece is they are very rarely targeted so again, what can I do to make myself less vulnerable."

You never want to leave a package sitting on your doorstep. If you can, have the orders sent to your work or to a PO box.

If you are having them sent to your home, make sure someone you trust is there to pick it up.

There are also drop boxes where delivery drivers can make sure they are locked away from thieves.

"The drop boxes are going to be fairly new now that it's become a new industry with a lot of people ordering and having packages delivered within their home,” Swenson said. “Those need to be secured to either the floor or stairs or whatever you have them on. The other piece you want to look at is the size."

If you are considering getting a lockbox for your house, make sure it's something that can actually hold your packages. If you are ordering something larger, you'll need a bigger lockbox or to have it delivered to another safe location.

To set up delivery options, get in contact with your post office or delivery service.

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