President Donald Trump scheduled to visit Fargo on June 27th

Published: Jun. 16, 2018 at 8:08 PM CDT
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After a big primary victory and a tweet of endorsement, President Donald Trump is coming to Fargo to campaign for Senator Kevin Cramer, who is challenging Senator Heidi Heitkamp in a heated senate race.

"I learned this a long time ago from senator Mark Andrews when I worked for him, he used to always say nobody can win a race by themselves, but a candidate can lose a race by themselves," said Sen. Kevin Cramer.

The president's visit is sure to generate a lot of energy behind Senator Cramer's campaign, as Cramer plans to work to cut taxes for the people of North Dakota, and also strengthen the U.S. borders.

The idea of the President Trump visiting is certainly looming on the minds of the many people we talked with Saturday.

"It's nice that he is taking the time to come out west, I don't feel like we get a lot of visitors here," said Zac Carter.

While several people we spoke with say they are looking forward to the president visiting Fargo, others had opposing views.

"He will fight for us but at the same time though he has got to protect our rights, the Native American rights,” said Sheldon Bell.

Others say they were unaware that the president was coming, and stated they were indifferent to his arrival. Lei Mitchell had high praise for the President.

"He’s a blessing from God, this is what this country has needed,” said Mitchell.

So what will the city of Fargo be like when the president arrives? We will just have to wait and see.

The president visited North Dakota in September of last year, but this will be his first trip to Fargo. Stick with Valley News Live for more details on his visit.