Police warn parents about social media app TikTok, what your kids may be hiding

Published: Oct. 5, 2019 at 7:35 PM CDT
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Parents listen up. There's an app that Fargo Police say you should ask your kids about.

The social media app is called TikTok, and it's raising concerns among parents.

"You go on there; you can do different videos, some people draw," said Sheyenne High School Student Emma Hagemeister. "People dance do comedy."

Hagemeister knows all about it this app.

"Me and my friends would go on there after school when we were bored and just do silly things on there and post them and share them and share them with friends," said Hagemeister.

It's catching the attention of kids of all ages. What many parents out there don't know is that it's been illegally getting data on users under 13.

Fargo Police want you to know kids are getting inappropriate comments and maybe getting unwanted followers.

"You can just say like January 18, 2000, even though you're not that old or something like that," said a 12-year-old TikTok user.

You can lie about your age pretty easily, meaning your kids have no limits on the app.

Another problem is that many parents I spoke with today didn't know the app existed.

This is Emma's mom's first time seeing TikTok. Father Seth Jackson didn't know about the app either.

"If I don't know what something is, I get a little concerned personally as a parent," said Jackson. "There are so many apps out there that I think a lot of parents don't know about."

Police want you to be more aware of apps like these, adding it's a good idea to make sure your kids are using their real age.

To learn more about the app,

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