Ada Police warn about Arvig impostor scam

(Photo: Pixabay / License Link)

ADA, Minn. (Valley News Live) - The Ada Police Department and Arvig Communications are warning residents about a new scam hitting the area.

Arvig says impostors are approaching residents and claiming to be Arvig employees, then requesting access to their homes.

To avoid allowing these scammers into your home, Arvig says to keep in mind that the company sets service appointments, and employees will call before arriving at your home.

If you feel you have been targeted by these scammers, Arvig and the police ask you to call 911.

Read the full Facebook post below:

Ada Police Department

**ATTENTION PLEASE** The Ada Police Department has been made aware of this by Arvig Communications. Please read Arvigs news release on this scam in our area. Thank you-APD.

Impostors Approaching Residents Claiming to be Arvig Employees in Twin Valley Area

Arvig has discovered people unaffiliated with the company have approached Twin Valley-area residents claiming to be Arvig service technicians and requesting access to homes. In at least one instance, two individuals posing at Arvig employees requested entry into a residence. These contacts were not made by Arvig employees nor any Arvig vendor.

Please be advised Arvig sets service appointments with customers and employees always call prior to arriving at a home.

If you encounter a similar situation, for your safety, please call 911. People are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to authorities.