Police nationwide cracking down on threats made over social media & while gaming

Published: Aug. 23, 2019 at 7:41 PM CDT
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It may be a sign of the times or a case of police just doing their job but making threats on social media or while gaming are no longer being taken lightly. Police nationwide are cracking down on any language that could spark a mass shooting.

Offensive language is nothing new on some games your children might be playing but it's not just games. Police are also paying extra attention to another hotbed for threats and anger, social media.

A Florida boy was just arrested for what police call making terroristic threats while playing video games. It’s all part of a nationwide crackdown hoping to get ahead of any mass violence.

"When you take things for granted you might not know what is going to happen," says Moorhead resident, James Yeboah.

"It's necessary to give more protection," says Mother of two.

These are just two of the people we talked to but the message across the board is the same, they fully support it.

"If they say they're going to harm me first, yeah I f*****g say a good bit honestly," says a Gamer.

But for some gamers we talked to like an 18-year old we came across, he thinks it’s too much. He says the talk is just part of the gaming culture.

"They shouldn't take threats more seriously. They are threats not promises," says the Gamer.

Police in Fargo say nothing is changing here because they already respond to threats seriously.

They tell us they always investigate them until proven otherwise.

In the meantime, the gamers we talked to say increased police vigilance isn't going to change anything for them.

"I appreciate the concern but I think it's a little over board," says another gamer.

As for the parents we talked to they applaud additional police involvement. In fact they tell us you never know when an online or gaming threat might actually be the real thing.

Officials in other counties have said this can be a blurry line between knowing when someone is joking and it’s an actual threat. But police here in the area say they aren't taking any chances.

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