New internet challenge encourages kids to go missing for two days

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) Another challenge has hit social media and it has law enforcement extremely concerned.

It's called the '48 Hours Missing Challenge.' It's when teenagers go missing for up to two days in hopes their picture will be shared on social media platforms by hundreds of people.

A missing child is a call that springs police into action; especially in the dead of winter. But that urgency and attention is exactly what teens are looking for in the 48 hour challenge.

"It's unfortunate that there's all these challenges out there. Sometimes juveniles don't understand the extent of what those things can cause and the stress they can put on their family and friends and on the department," Jessica Schindeldecker with Fargo Police said.

The more likes and shares, the more points you get. Schindeldecker says the challenge is not only dangerous, but it also ties up resources that could be used to help those who are truly in need.

"Think about the people who are also in need, when you're not in need, because it's just a trick or challenge. How many of those resources you're taking off the street or how many crimes could have been prevented because that officer could have been in that area or made an apprehension when they were out looking for you when you were playing a game," Schindeldecker said.

But she adds it's not only police that are effected by this challenge.

"It's kind of unfortunate for the people in our community. Their emotions get toyed with with these types of challenges because they get emotionally invested. They want the best outcome for this person," Schindeldecker said.

She says criminal charges could be in the future if you do decide to be part of this dangerous deception.