Pizza Corner in Valley City SOLD

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VIDEO 1: Tuesday night, Jennifer Feist, the director of development for the Valley Development Group, joined me to discuss the sale of the Pizza Corner business. A business that has been in the Valley City community for decades.

Jennifer shared why it took so long for the Planning and Zoning commission to work with the owner of Pizza Corner.

Jennifer also said that some people in Valley City were not happy with the owner of Pizza Corner because he was hiring a lot of minority workers. She mentioned a Valley City resident that was scared to go from her car to home while taking in groceries. Watch the interview to get the full context of her comments.

VIDEO 2: Tuesday night's show created a TON of feedback. On Wednesday night's show, I played just SOME of the voice mails we received during Tuesday night's show.
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Were people in Valley City protesting the expansion of Pizza Corner because it was hiring minorities? Valley Development...

Posted by 630pov on Tuesday, March 22, 2016