Pipeline protesters head east to Bemidji, MN to speak out against Alberta Clipper Pipeline

Published: Mar. 7, 2017 at 10:50 PM CST
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Now that the Dakota Access Pipeline camp is empty -- pipeline protesters are on the move.

Today they took a stand in Bemidji opposing an an already existing oil pipeline.

The water protectors are moving east.

Environmentalist Winona LaDuke says "So when they come knocking over here we need to tell them this is not Morton County."

Several from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp received a celebrity's welcome today in-front of a group environmentalists in Bemidji.

Stewart Perkins protested at the Dakota Access Pipeline.

He says "We survived the winters, we survived the front lines, the shooting, the gasses, the pepper spray." (Water protector

Today, they're targeting Enbridge, an energy company that brings in oil from Alberta to the states.

"What I want, is the Embridge company has a 5.7 billion dollar wind portfolio, wind and renewable portfolio. What I want is renewables. You can still make your money, Enbridge, but don't do it with dirty oil. Don't shackle us with your bad decisions."

Enbridge says 4 years ago they in for presidential permit to increase it's oil flow in a three mile stretch of pipeline over the Canadian, U.S. border. After an environmental impact study they're close, but protesters are storming a State Department hearing today to try to get the permit denied.

Enbridge says the rest of the pipeline is already pumping oil at its full capacity, 800,000 barrels a day.

The protesters admit their fight is against much more than this one permit. They're fighting against fossil fuels everywhere pushing for more investment in renewable energy.

LaDuke says, "You still breathing? You rely on the environment. You still drinking water? You rely on the environment. This is all about that future. Question is are we going to make it too toxic to live? Our people lived here for 1000's of years. I don't think this society is ready to live for another 1000 years."

The self-proclaimed water protectors are continuing east. They plan to march on Washington D.C. on March 10th.