Pigs reportedly taken from Cando farm and killed

Published: May. 23, 2017 at 5:49 PM CDT
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Some believe it might've started as a prank, but went too far.

Disturbing rumors flying in a small North Dakota town that high schoolers are involved in stealing and killing pigs from a swine barn.

Now authorities anticipate charges coming.

"There was party going on three miles east of the Coolin nursery and someone had got into the barn." Said J.R. Gibbens.

J.R. Gibbens and his cousin run a number of businesses in Cando, including what he says is the largest swine farm in the state; it has over 18 thousand pigs.

"Poor judgement on their part." Said Gibbens.

Gibbens says posts about the party on social media lead to them calling the Towner County Sheriffs. They say last week an investigation started at a party site near the Coolin Nursery.

"We found some pigs running around outside and it looked like the lock had been jimmied open." Said Gibbens.

The pigs found outside had to be euthanized. Gibbens says police also found the carcass of another pig. Rumors have been swirling that pigs were tortured at the party location. Police wouldn't confirm citing an on-going investigation.

There are three swine barns at the site and each one can hold up to around 6000 pigs. The pigs are in bio secure locations in order to help prevent the spread of disease. Which is one of the reasons it's so concerning someone broke in and stole them.

"We go through a shower-in, shower-out protocol, disinfect the barns in between lots. Just to minimize the chance of any disease outbreaks." Said Gibbens.

Now blood tests are needed and 6000 pigs are at risk because someone broke in.

"We don't dare put anymore pigs in there or take anymore out until we're pretty sure they're clean. Said Gibbens.

Towner County Sheriffs say they anticipate charges will be filed in the future.

The Sheriffs say they're in the process of interviewing people that know what happened at the party and say it might take some time because not everyone is from the Cando area.