People turn to RV's to save their summer travel plans from COVID-19

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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- Are you feeling a little locked up inside lately? A new survey says RV rentals have gone up more than 600% since early April. People in the metro are turning to RV's for their summer travel plans.

Quarantining on wheels is a way for people to get away from home without having to worry.

"With everybody being locked up indoors for so long, everybody just wants to get out and go do something, go see something," said Mike Boe, General Manager at Adventure RV Center.

Local RV experts like Mike Boe says traffic has picked up.

"It's nice to be able to get the kids out, get them out on the boat, get them out in the open. Not be around all the people," said Desiree Werner with Adventure RV Center.

Some families in the Valley are packing up to go to their favorite campgrounds. Others are enjoying their house on wheels without moving.

"I had a customer that picked up a camper last week, and a couple of days later, they were in to pick up some accessories, and the first thing that they were talking about is how they've been camping in their driveway with their children," said Boe. "They had their kids outside, and they had the fire pit going."

If you want to travel but you're worried about flying and staying in a hotel, these adventurers say camping may be for you.

"More reassuring that we're staying safer in this time of the pandemic," said Dennis Sollom.

One of the RV rental websites we looked at said prices can range from $100-200 a night, and they can be delivered to you. Many come with air conditioning, a TV, kitchen and bathroom.

RV experts say low gas prices are also making camping more appealing.