People in the metro: where are plows?

Published: Dec. 1, 2019 at 7:50 PM CST
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The wintry storm swept through our region, leaving a huge mess behind. Some areas in the Valley saw more than a foot of snow, and now it's time for clean up.

One man reached out to our Whistleblower Hotline after he says he woke up to a mountain of snow outside of his home.

People in the metro are trying to get back on track before the commute Monday morning.

You may have woke up to a blanket of snow Sunday morning.

"This is the most we've seen in November," said Janet Steinbach from south Fargo. "Maybe January we've seen this much, but not November."

Some were helping out a buddy, but not everyone lucked out.

Valley News Teams Alex Egan had a hard time in our station parking lot. He even had to be pulled out.

"Unless you have four-wheel drive, I would be careful because I think you'll get stuck," said Steinbach.

Many were trapped in their homes or couldn't get out of the neighborhood.

The Steinbach's were one of the families hard at work.

"I'm all geared up and ready to move that snow and remove it again when the city plows the street," said Steinbach.

One man in West Fargo is saying enough is enough.

"Instead of pushing it all on one side of the street, they could have put it on the other side and spread the wealth," said Darren Fisher from West Fargo. "You know they got better snow equipment than I do. I just got a small snowblower."

Now people in both cities want answers. They want to know why the plows weren't out earlier and if there is a better way to plow where it won't end up in their yards.

We tried reaching out to both Fargo and West Fargo to answer any questions people may have; however, they are closed on Sundays.

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