Pause before you update your Netflix payment information

Published: Jul. 5, 2017 at 4:22 PM CDT
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If you get an email from Netflix, pause before you do anything. A phishing scam is hitting the valley.

The email comes from someone claiming to be with Netflix, and says you need to update your payment information. But, it's really a scammer trying to steal from you.

According to their website, Netflix will never ask for any personal information over email. They might email you saying you need to update your information, however you do that through their real website.

Dena Wainwright works at a bank and says phishing schemes are common. "Don't click on the email, go directly into the Netflix site, open a separate browser window,, log in. If there is not an alert inside your secure session that says you need to update your secure payment information, you don't."

Martin Altenvurg from Fargo says he’s received phishing emails before. "They say don't second guess yourself, but second guess yourself when you get an email, especially when they are asking for money, to just be wary about phishing scams."

If you have received one of the emails, Netflix wants to know, you should forward the email to