Parents telling people to 'not touch their babies' through signs on car seats, aimed to prevent spread of flu

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- Baby lovers listen up. This is not the season to tell a mom how cute her baby is. It’s flu season and moms are becoming very protective. In fact, you may have seen these signs before saying 'don't touch my baby.' And they're aimed specifically at the flu.

It’s just about that dreaded time of year again and we're not talking about today's snow. It's the flu season. And if you've heard it before, you've heard it a million times.

"The babies and the elderly are more prone and they can't fight it off as easy," says Mother of three, Jenna Jacobson.

Jenna Jacobson is a mom of three. She's also a nurse. But you don't have to be a nurse to know that babies are just plain vulnerable when it comes to getting sick. And that's why some moms are putting these decorative but informative ornaments on their strollers and car seats.

"I did see things online about not kissing and loving on babies, and not spreading germs that way," says Jacobson.

And boy are they popular. In fact, sales are going through the roof.

Sarah Baker is a Nurse Practitioner at Stellar Healthcare in Fargo. And she tells us since babies can't get a flu vaccine until they're 6 months old, it’s up to the grown-ups to make sure they don't spread it.

"People around babies need to be vaccinated, which helps provide immunity through the people around them for the baby," says Stellar Healthcare Family Nurse Practitioner, Sarah Baker.

She says, she thinks these signs are a good idea. What's more, they can help keep a baby healthy by preventing the flu.

"We are drawn to these adorable little people. However, we don't want to be the reason they get sick so don't think parents are being rude or standoffish," says Baker.

So where can you get them? Through online retailers like Amazon and Etsy.

The nurse we talked to today tells us, other than getting vaccinated to prevent the spread of the flu to babies, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently.