Parents fear children's safety going to school with snowy roads

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 5:48 PM CST
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Some parents fear for their children's' safety in south Moorhead.

A dad called our Whistleblower Hotline, saying the roads in his neighborhood are a snowy disaster. He's scared for kids going to and from school, and he wants something to be done about it.

"They've had plenty of time, plenty of time to come out here and clean this up," said Ryen Ness, a father living in south Moorhead.

Ryen Ness and his family live in south Moorhead near Reinertsen Elementary School.

Ness loads his two kids up in his four-wheel truck and drops them off at school.

"Absolute disasters with the way these roads are in this neighborhood," said Ness.

He worries about kids walking back and forth from school.

"People generally speed up to get through deep snow, and a main concern is all the children at the corners of the bus stops in the morning," said Ness. "Cars driving faster, bad roads. You know I would hate for one of them to get hurt or hit or ran over."

Another neighbor said FedEx, UPS and a pickup got stuck here.

Public Works said every street had been plowed.

"During our normal no parking maintenance days Monday through friday," said City of Moorhead Public Works Director Steve Moore. "That's when we push the snow further back to the curb. In some of these areas there's a lot of parked cars on the street so a lot of my plow operators barely have enough room to get through to make one pass."

Moore says they're coming back to clean up south Moorhead Friday.

People are also expressing concerns on social media about snow problems on sidewalks in other parts of the Moorhead.

The city wants you to know that it is the homeowner's responsibility.

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